About the Artist

     The constant encounter of beauty, both cross-cultural and in everyday life, has had a profound effect on me as an artist and shapes the body of my work.

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      Dana Toader was born in Romania and came to the United States in 1997. Starting at a young age she traveled to many parts of the world and was therefore exposed to various cultures, people and places. Dana completed her undergraduate studies at Otterbein College in Ohio with a focus in Visual Communication and her MFA degree in Painting from Kendall College of Art and Design in Michigan. She continues to create work and offer creative painting parties out around town accompanied by great music at Start to Paint .

      Her background being in art and design, Dana was inspired by various styles and mediums and has explored various techniques throughout her art career. Her work has been featured in many prominent areas including Chicago, Columbus, Cleveland, Florida as well as Florence, Italy and Romania.

      Visually rich, Dana’s paintings are meant to draw in the viewer through their dramatic appeal and convoluted spaces. The surface patterns stand in dramatic tension with the explicit content of many of the curvilinear shapes that form the body of her work.

      In her Musical Instruments Series, Dana combines the emotional content of Expressionism with a contemporary palette infused with the light and shadows found within her surroundings. She is always in search of the ambiguous figure of movement. She wishes to capture subjects in their own process of evolution, the mood expressed through means of gesture. Dana loves freedom of expression – it demands vigorous honesty. She is inspired by the soul of the music, the beauty of something that is simple, yet complex at the same time. She relates to the Abstract Expressionistic attitude that incorporates a conscious marking as well as accidental textures, stains and drips.

      The Seductive Series defines aspects of beauty through fashion and haute couture and is characterized by abundance and opulence. Her paintings are voyeuristic presentations of the model based on the idea of appearance and display within the fashion industry. She depicts seductive figures that are created through a mixture of social and cultural values, residing in the shapes, lines, color and textures. The colors, hues and variations create shapes that are calming to the viewer’s eyes. If one delves into the layers beneath the surface, one can discover a calmness yet abundant body of work.

      The women that she depict within the shiny luxurious boxes, Elements of Desire are based heavily on drawings, outlines and structures. These illustrations encompass substance in form, line, surface, texture and color and the relationship between them. Her images have a graphic feel with a sketchy quality. The swirling configurations of this conglomeration of detailed sketches, combined with the dream-like moods of the background patterns, bring her art into the realm of the contemporary world.

     The Summer Wave Works is inspired by the reflection of luscious shapes that are created through the abundant flow of the active waters as well as the subtle delicate appeal of the still water. By combining movement that is both aggressive and smooth, Dana uses various techniques and various colors to achieve different moods and styles in her art. Her work can be described at times to be calm and dreamy, while other times sharp and urgent.

      Dana seeks out art that moves her, design that delights her, or images that surprise her. It never ceases to amaze her how very unexpected and altogether inspiring the complexity in the surrounding nature can be!